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Welcome to the
Michalak Lab!

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Anna M. Michalak

Founding Director, Carnegie Climate and Resilience Hub
Carnegie Institution for Science

Professor (By courtesy), Department of Earth System Science
Doerr School of Sustainability

Professor (By courtesy), Department of Biology
School of Humanities and Sciences


What We Do

Our research focuses primarily on two areas. We are interested in understanding the cycling and emissions of greenhouse gases at the Earth surface at urban to global scales – scales directly relevant to informing climate and policy – primarily through the use of atmospheric observations that provide the clearest constraints at these critical scales. We are also interested in climate change impacts on freshwater and coastal water quality via influences on nutrient delivery to, and on conditions within, water bodies. Our approach is highly data-driven, with a common methodological thread being the development and application of spatiotemporal statistical data fusion methods for optimizing the use of limited in situ and remote sensing environmental data.